Are you ready for the Spring Real Estate Market?

Well today is already at 60+ degress out and it’s March 8th. In New Hampshire we had about a foot of snow fall just one week ago! Talk about crazy weather in New England. For Realtors and myself, business slows down a bit when heavy snow hits, especially when it has been a very warm winter overall. As a real estate photographer weather is our downfall. No Realtor or seller wants a outside photo with snow on the ground when the first day of spring is weeks away. So we had several cancellations and shoot moves this past week and a half. Which gave me some time to do some marketing and redo our website ( a couple times lol ). So not all that bad, and here is to looking forward to the warm weather and the busy season!

When spring comes around in New England buyers and sellers are itching to get out there and buy and sell. The market gets flooded with new homes and some homes that were removed from the market in the beginning of winter.    We all see the for sale signs pop up and the open house signs every saturday and sunday!

So Realtors… Are you ready for the Spring? What’s your goals for the year and how are you going to bring your business to a higher level this year? Maybe Photography or Video.. Or Both should be in your marketing this year.