Is Video Part of Your Marketing Plan this Year?


We have all heard about it over the last few years. Video blogging, Video testimonials, Video Video Video… Well it’s 2012 and Video Marketing is a MUST have in your marketing plan in Real Estate or ANY Business for that matter. Let’s talk about using it in Real Estate from an Realtor’s perspective.


You might be asking “How do I use Video in my marketing?” “Where do I begin?” “What is the best and easiest way to do it?”.  There are many ways to utilize video in your arsenal to get new clients and WOW your current clients.


So where do you begin and what’s the easiest way to start.  First you want to know WHY video is so important, this is so you feel comfortable letting your seller’s know why your doing it and how it benefits them when listing with you instead of anyone else.  YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day. ( yes that billion with a B! ) With buyers finding their new home online over 93% of the time, you as an agent need to make your listing stand out any way you can. Also you as the agent want to get buyers or new sellers to see this and get more business off your listings.  Using professional photography and professional video tours gives you the competitive edge over 95% of the other agents in the area of NH, Maine, Mass. The 95% is actually LOW in how many agents use a pro! I know this since I am one of the main photographers in this area and with thousands of Realtor’s around..a small hand full use a pro.


Ok, So how do I get more business with Video?  You want to make sure to include our services in your listing presentation. Show them examples of our work, tours, video etc.. Don’t just tell them – Show Them!  When a seller is looking to list their home, they look online to see who is selling in their area, they take notice to signs at other homes, they get referrals from a friend or family member. They also will most of the time interview a few different agents to see which one offer’s what. This is where you can really SHOW how different you are then everyone else!  Tell them you Hire a PRO just like they are hiring YOU ( the PRO ). You can ask for a high percentage in commission and they will pay it when they see your spending money on the important things in marketing the home. Your also going to most be the only agent they interview that offers Pro Photos and HD Video Tours!! In return now your the BEST in their eyes and they will talk about your like never before!


How do Buyer see a benefit?  Think from a buyers perspective. You look online at a bunch of homes probably ever day online. You are looking at a couple websites to see what comes up on the market as new listings. Some drive by a home and then go home to search for it. Almost all of the MLS websites will give the buyer an option to view a virtual tour. The MLS takes your photos and butcher them down in quality to be almost not view-able.  So the buyer will click on the tour link to view more info. This is where you can WOW the buyers and give them a “first showing” of the home. We provide a non branded tour with high resolution (full screen capable) photos and an HD Video Tour!  You get to show this buyer more about YOUR listing then any other homes they are looking at. They might not see your info on this tour since the MLS doesn’t allow branding..but they get a first showing and if they like it..they have a good idea of what the house really looks like. This will get you more showings and less time wasters.


So get out there and Let EVERY Seller know what you do better then everyone else! Stand Out from the crowd!